Choosing a Care Provider - Why Glen Caring?

Choosing a Care Provider

What can you do if your current Care Provider is not meeting your needs? Call Glen Caring today…

Very often service users and their family who are already receiving support and care are not fully satisfied with the service they receive. This is mainly because their needs are not being met.

Where a Care Provider might fail you

Problems with the care you are receiving can be caused by  a range of factors:

  • lack of continuity,
  • not receiving care at the times you need,
  • feeling rushed or
  • lack of experience and expertise

What’s different about Glen Caring as a Care Provider?

At Glen Caring we value your right to receive care the way you want, with a care package that is built around your life rather than being imposed on your life. So why not choose a personalised option which is customised to your individual needs. We have a whole range of bespoke care packages, designed by you and for you.

Choosing Glen Caring as your agency will guarantee you a high standard of experienced care delivered exactly the way you want.

At Glen Caring Services we will assist you in picking the care you are happy with. The options are endless and we work to suit you. Our options include:

  • Health & Wellbeing – attending the gym, exercise classes, yoga, walking, gardening, etc.
  • Care at Home- support with any daily living tasks you require, household duties, personal care, toileting needs, meal preparation, medication, overnight care etc.
  • Holistic and Cultural options– attending exhibitions, libraries, galleries, art classes, religious services etc.
  • Breaks and Respite – trips away, cinema, concerts, in house respite etc.

This is just a small sample of the available services we have, which include self-directed care, private home care, specialist care and respite & sitting services.

It is important to note that our bespoke packages are tailored specifically to you and what you believe a care package should be. Choosing Glen Caring to deliver this promise will mean access to an excellent quality service, with highly trained experienced staff competent in working with highly complex needs.

Find out more about Glen Caring from our website or call us on 028 8225 2666.